Fulfilling its goal of providing a quality product to its customers, we offer our services under the Elektromek Services insignia. As a first example, two services that are in high demand locally and nationally are electrostatic powder coating and laser cutting of iron and aluminum parts. These are followed by our automation, maintenance and related services.


We are a metal-mechanical industry with the capacity to offer different services and manufacture any type of products adapted to more specific needs of our customers. We carry out mass production processes of any requirement in this area. Part of the technology we have at our disposal is the following:


Maintenance and Repairs

Other Services

Maintenance, Testing and Repair of variable frequency drives and rectifiers - battery chargers and ups.
  • We evaluate and diagnose low and medium voltage variable frequency inverters, as well as battery chargers and UPS.
  • We replace damaged parts and Variable Inverter pieces, including: Fuses, Thermal Relays, IGBT units, fans and air extractors.
Installation, Anchoring of switchgear and peripheral equipment at Industrial Plants and Substations.
  • We install all types of electrical equipment, such as low and medium voltage switchgear, transformers, motors, pipe racks, structures, poles, transformer banks, gantries.
  • We have 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of cells and structures.
  • In our cell and peripheral equipment installation work, we take into account aspects such as: minimum distances, leveling of the floor or foundation where the installation is performed, in accordance with the standards established in CEN, Covenin and good engineering practices.