Power House

We design and manufacture compact structures, called Power House, where we integrate all the power, control and communications panels required for the operation of a company. It is an integral solution that allows the adequacy in the power supply of: pumps, motors, cranes and any other required equipment.

A Power House is a Prefabricated Electrical Center specially designed for the assembly of electrical power and control equipment, as well as communication equipment. These are housed and protected from the environmental conditions applicable to the area of installation.

The size, temperature, detection systems and the layout of its components must be the most adequate to house them, in addition to providing the operator with a safe and appropriate environment for the maneuvering of the different equipment.

Offices, bathrooms, battery rooms, maintenance rooms, communications rooms, etc., can be added to the Prefabricated Power Center and thus avoid the construction of additional buildings on site.

Our Power Houses are adjusted to the PDVSA Standard N-264. (click to download)