Construction Sector

Elektromek offers its customers a wide variety of equipment to support all processes and provide reliability in the facilities, an example are the Power Distribution Centers. 
The main function of this equipment is to adequately distribute and control the supply of electrical energy to different types of loads. Its solution features include general equipment switches, transfer for different sources, links, power distribution boards, lighting boards and contacts; auxiliary services boards and UPS systems, which are contained inside. 
Likewise, they have the possibility of installing wall-type air conditioning equipment, different degrees of protection, fire extinguishers, service contacts, heating resistors, access control, supervision and remote operation systems, relays, interior and exterior lighting, emergency lighting and diverse equipment tested as a whole. 
This results in a solution that adjusts to the needs of projects involving construction works and building complexes. Likewise, we are a metal-mechanic industry with the capacity to manufacture any type of products adapted to more specific needs of our customers.

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