Oil Sector

Our Solution consists of the design and manufacture of Power Houses that typically house the VSD for the feeding of PCP or ESP Pumps under controlled temperature, humidity and dust conditions, thus guaranteeing the continuity in the volume of crude oil production of the Macolla. For this purpose, we based our design criteria on the PIP Standard "Process Industry Practices," documents: ELSSG11 "Design and fabrication of electrical power centers."
We can also incorporate the following improvements: 
  • Security elements, access control, CCTV and motion detectors.
  • It provides the possibility to operate and interact remotely via serial port with all the power and control equipment that make up the Power House. This will result in the efficient operation of the Macolla, reducing travel time to the Macollas and decision making. 
We are at the forefront in terms of research and innovation, currently we are a company that has achieved contributions to standardize an optimal VFD equipment for the extraction of heavy crude oil, so we have incorporated unique elements in the world such as the speed control of 4 quadrants for a time of 5 minutes, thus limiting the effects of backspin and sprocket breakage.

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