Mining Sector

We offer solutions adapted to the exploitation of mines in areas of difficult access, in which we include from the camp to house the personnel assigned to the exploitation work, as well as the appropriate electrical equipment for the power supply of pumps, motors, cranes and any other equipment required in the process of exploration and mining production.
Our objective is to provide an integrated solution that allows to exploit the mines in an efficient way, complying with the safety standards, norms and design criteria required in mining installations. We design and manufacture compact structures, called Power House, where we integrate all the power, control and communications panels required for the operation of the mine.
Depending on the requirements and needs of our customers, we can incorporate to the basic solution, some variants such as: 
  • Power supply using generators for power equipment and stand-alone hybrid power supply using a photovoltaic system. 
  • Possibility to operate and interact remotely with the power and control equipment that make up the mine, using satellite communication systems, which will result in the efficient management of the mine operations, reducing the travel time of personnel, as well as decision making.
  • Possibility of incorporating security and access control elements, CCTV, motion detectors for the protection and security of personnel and equipment in the mine.
  • Design and supply of Water Accumulation and Pressurized Supply System plus Sewage Treatment.

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